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Paul Ellmore

The PFA team, which has worked together on numerous Mergers & Acquisitions projects, is committed to anticipating clients’ needs and responding quickly and professionally.  We act on behalf of buyers and sellers and create matches between the most compatible organisations in terms of culture, management style, as well as ensuring the combination provides added value.

We recognise the vital importance of confidentiality, particularly when an owner is seeking to sell a service industry, and therefore a people based, company.  Whether the reason for sale is retirement, ill health, release of non-core activities, shortage of management skills or any other perfectly valid cause, it is essential that the seller’s identification remains anonymous during the initial marketing period. We will assist and advise the best way to achieve this. 

Finding the right buyer who will meet the expectations of the vendors, not only in price terms but also providing continuity of service to clients, employment of staff or other requirements without releasing the identity of the seller, is an expertise on which our business is founded.












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